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Dramatically improve profits Generate consistent cashflow Increase employee engagement Find and keep great people Scale to new heights Build real-time dashboards Increase revenue without hiring Make data-driven decisions Proactively manage customer relationships

By Building Great Systems

We work with established companies that are ready to grow, but are bogged down by inefficient processes, numbers they can’t trust, and a complicated collection of software systems that don’t connect with each other.

Process Automation

Drastically reduce labour costs while improving all aspects of your business with speed, efficiency, & consistency. Use AI to intelligently adapt in real time.

Real-Time Management Reports

Have up-to-the-minute decision-making data at your fingertips. Make better, faster decisions - with the confidence of "truth" behind them.

Systems That Talk to
Each Others

Connect your CRM to your inventory control and your accounting to your production systems. Create a single source of truth instead of multiple siloed systems.

Get ready to seize new opportunities, achieve exponential growth, and reclaim your time with a business that runs like a well-oiled machine.

Some business owners thrive on constantly fighting fires

Our clients prefer a low-stress, highly profitable, predictable, consistent, & boring* business.

(*And if they want excitement, they can always enter new markets,

explore new opportunities, or acquire new businesses.)

Our Approach to Business Transformation

Making the Complex Simple

Our approach is all about focusing on the basics rather than chasing the latest trends, embracing simplicity over complexity, and putting function over form.

You can expect personal debriefs rather than theoretical reports, and best practices tailored to your unique situation.

Every business is different.


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Meet Jean-Eric Plamondon

Business Optimization

Serial entrepreneur with direct experience launching, growing, & selling a number of businesses including scaling a scrap metal business from $0 to $5 Million in 6 months. Certified Management Consultant and Value Builder Advisor

Author of The Boring Business Manifesto: How to use First Principles Thinking to Build a First-Class Business

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