Our Approach

Our 7-Step

Business First" Digital Transformation Process

Clarify Objectives and Goals

Why are we doing this project? What would success look like? What is the ROI?

Discover and Assess

We begin every project with a deep-dive into how you currently operate. Who does what? What are the existing processes? What's working? What isn't working?

We look for areas to optimize and streamline: What can be automated? What doesn't need to be done at all? How can things be done better and faster? How can we reduce complexity?

Develop a Business Systems Blueprint

In this stage, we begin to map out the solution.

We provide diagrams and flowcharts that outline optimal process flow for the business.

These provide a big picture visual map of "how work should get done here" and will be used to guide work through the rest of the project.

Create a Performance Playbook

This stage is about nailing down the details. We document exactly how everything needs to be done.

Foolproof methodologies, standard operating procedures (SOPs), intuitive forms, scripts, and
templates to drive consistent and predictable results.

Design a Technical Solution

Now that we have the process clearly defined, we're ready to choose the RIGHT technology for your business.

We will research and recommend technology solutions that align with your unique business
requirements, without any bias or hidden agendas. We don't accept kickbacks or commissions from any technical vendors.

Oversee Technical Implementation

We don't do technical implementation, nor do we act as project managers.

Instead, we work in an advisory/oversight capacity to bridge communication gaps and ensure that implementation is focused on your best interests rather than the developer's.

Train Your Staff

We engage your team in learning. Not just "how to use the technology," but how to get the job done better.

Our trainers have a knack for getting people excited about the changes. (This isn't hard when the changes remove repetitious drudgery and make their jobs more interesting and meaningful.)

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