Our business has become much more systematized and efficient

“ I hired Jean-Eric because I wanted some help implementing better systems so that we could get better and more efficient at the things we do best.

Our work together has spanned sales, marketing, operational systems, & software. He’s helped me install multiple systems in my business – some very simple, and others that are more complex.

We’re saving time, minimizing paperwork, and getting the up-to-date information we need to keep our crews busy and our customers happy.

Jean-Eric is knowledgeable, passionate about his work, and very people oriented. I appreciate the perspective he brings and the creative solutions and opportunities that he presents. I like that he is open and flexible, presenting multiple options so that I can choose the one that I think fits me and my business best.

Working with him has helped our business become much more systematized and efficient. ”

Dale Kreviazuk
UV Pools

Jean-Eric is great at simplifying complicated problems

“ We invited Jean-Eric to “check under the hood” of our business and give us some feedback and ideas for how we could make it better.

Jean-Eric is great at simplifying complicated problems. He digs in to get at the root and see things from different angles. Then he offers real, practical solutions.

One of the things we liked most is getting frameworks that can be applied to multiple areas of the business – like the flywheel, TVR (teachable, valuable, repeatable) and the “how can we simplify this?” question.

We joined the Owners Fastrack Mastermind to take a deeper dive into some of the concepts that Jean-Eric had shared with us. We got a tremendous amount of value from meeting the other entrepreneurs in the program and learning how they were approaching and solving the same problems.

As a facilitator, Jean-Eric is great at looping people into the discussion and making sure that everyone is heard. He’s also good at explaining things and then if someone doesn’t get it, he explains it in a different way instead of just repeating himself. ”

Matthew Sabourin & Ben Myers
La Brasserie Nonsuch Brewing Co.

To be efficient, we had to get everyone rowing in the same direction and acting on the same information.

“ We engaged Jean-Eric to help us with a couple of challenges we were experiencing operationally.

Mostly what we were looking for was better leadership within our company starting with our field staff.

As we continue to scale our business, we understood we’d need systems and processes to leverage the experience from senior staff and move them off their tools into leadership roles.

We also needed a better flow of information up and down between our site managers and Jared. To be efficient, we had to get everyone rowing in the same direction and acting on the same information. Everyone needed to understand how they integrate into the larger team.

Jean-Eric helped us to begin formulating our processes. Even though we are still working on the implementation, we already feel more process-driven and organized. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know, and it turns out we were missing a few critical steps.

We appreciate Jean-Eric’s intelligence. He has a very good operational brain – he sees things differently. He’s well- organized and brings a specific agenda to each of our sessions.

Daniel Melendez & Jared Neufeld
Lola Construction & White Label Homes

Jean-Eric helped me reconnect with the joy of being in business

“ I hired Jean-Eric because I wanted to talk with someone who had some outside perspective, expertise, and experience working with other entrepreneurs to take an inventory of what we were doing and make suggestions for what to focus on to take us to the next level.

Jean-Eric is a good listener. In many of our sessions, I ranted about my problems – and he knew exactly where to jump in and offer advice or ask the right question. I think simply being able to talk things through really provided a lot of value.

One of the most impactful parts of our work together was when he used personality assessments to help me figure out who I was and where I add the most value to my business.

Previously, I’d been just trying to be everywhere and do everything. Now I focus my time and energy on my strengths and get others to do the rest. We’re now using these assessments with our employees and in our hiring so that the people who work here are also working to their strengths.

Jean-Eric helped me figure out how my business needs to be structured in order to be successful. More importantly, he helped me reconnect with the joy of being in business by focusing on where I add value instead of getting caught up in the things that are not my strong suit.

I now know what my business needs to look like, and I have the path to get there. ”

Mike Iwasiow

Jean-Eric helped us improve our sales (a lot).

“ At the time I was both running the company and acting as its lead sales person. Sales were still rolling in, but it was just not sustainable in the long term. More & more I found myself getting too busy or distracted to do as well as I could have.

In an effort to maximize the little time I had for sales, and more importantly to help create a structure to help train a replacement, Jean-Eric introduced me to the concept of the Sales Script.

Together, we created a detailed and thoughtful conversational flow so that I had a system I could lean on with every sales call. We were meticulous, dissecting and refining every word to ensure maximum clarity, concision, and impact. With it, I always knew exactly what to say, and when.

Almost immediately, our lead conversion rate went up. Way up. Even though I was still only able to carve out limited time for sales, the new sales script helped me close twice as many leads over the next year compared to any other 12-month period in the previous 8 years we had been tracking that data. The sales script was a massive game changer. ”

Brooklyn Hurst
Genuwine Cellars

Helped us create some serious traction

“ As a busy and growing logistics company, we brought Jean-Eric in to help us clean up our internal processes & develop better systems for operations. He helped create some serious traction by:

  • Implementing a better accounting process that used technology to eliminate manual entries
  • Identifying and tracking KPIs, making it easy to pull the numbers we needed
  • Streamlining our processes

Jean-Eric is process-driven, a great communicator, and a bit of a perfectionist (in a good way!)

What I appreciate most about Jean-Eric is how he kept me organized and on track. All I had to do was give him an idea and I could be confident knowing that he would take the reins and carry it through to implementation. ”

S. Hamilton
Founder of Volume Freight Solutions Inc.